Social Media Privacy – NOT

I have no concern for or expectation of Social Media privacy.


Because Social Media sites are intended to be Social and IMHO intended to share publicly consumable content.

Being social includes engaging and sharing with others.

When you engage with others hopefully you would never stand naked in public, spouting foul words and doing nasty, disgusting things. Similarly, when you engage with others in Social Media, you should never post anything that you would not say in public.

Also, you would never stand on a street corner and hand out a list of your business and  private, confidential information. Therefore, don’t post any confidential or private information on any social media site.

Therefore, take the concept and expectation of privacy, security or confidentiality out of every conversation regarding Social Media.

We need to consider Social Media as public content sites and that we are all contributors. Our role is to provide relevant, interesting and useful information for others to consume.

Additionally, yes, I know that there are many security and privacy features built into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, etc. These features provide some level of general security that can prohibit users from hacking our accounts and in some cases seeing our content. However beyond getting my account hacked, I do not want or need to trust the other security features.

I want my content to be accessible by anyone who desires to come looking for it.

Because I treat these systems as public sites and because I want to publicly contribute and collaborate with others. There is no need for anyone to ask for my Facebook password. All of my content is publicly accessible. Every post, picture, comment, tweet, discussion, connection, friend and fan are public content. Pure & simple to me.

Just to be clear, I expect my bank, financial institutions, credit cards, email messages, voice mail messages, private conversations and even thoughts to be private and confidential. If these systems get compromised in any way I will not be happy.

In conclusion I suggest you accept that there is no privacy using Social Media, just as there is no privacy standing on a street corner.

It’s more enjoyable, rewarding, engaging and beneficial if you set yourself free to share openly with no expectations of privacy.

Ignore Function in Facebook

The following question has been raised with regards to Facebook

Is there an Away Message function in Facebook?

No, there is no Away Message function in FaceBook.

There is however an often overlooked Ignore Feature.

This feature is both hard to find and very difficult to use.

When used properly, this feature can be very rewarding. Many users, who have properly used it have found it increases office productivity, improves relationships, expands knowledge from books and even creates a sense of calmness and reduced drama.

5% of Facebook users have successfully used the Ignore Feature of Facebook by simply turning their focus to something else. These users have found great rewards because of this feature.

Another 5% of Facebook users have found that in order to use this feature, all they need to do is to turn their back on the computer display or smartphone. Some of these users have had to leave the room where the equipment is located, but they have successfully used the Ignore Feature and benefitted in numerous ways.

Another 15% of Facebook users have determined that they must leave the facility and the electronic equipment within in order for the Ignore Feature to work properly. Some of these users have had to leave the town in which the facility is located for the Ignore Feature to work, but they have successfully used the feature. Unfortunately they have found that the Ignore Feature only works for a few minutes and therefore gotten little to no value from the feature.

The last 75% of Facebook users have attempted the previous usage options and found that both options completely failed for them. Even if this feature were to work, these users do not believe it would offer any value to them at all.

Even if they were to test the Ignore Feature of Facebook these users would have to shut down the Internet by disabling the wired & wireless networks, cell phone towers and/or telephone dial-tone into the states where they reside in order to properly use the Ignore Feature of Facebook. Since we all know the Internet can’t be shut down, these users have decided that the Ignore Feature of Facebook will never work or provide any value to anyone.

Because the Ignore Featureof Facebook is being used by less than 25% of the Facebook users, Facebook has decided to disable the feature and remove all mention of it from the user guides effectively immediately.

How to Remove Rogue Apps from your Facebook Profile

Do you think your Facebook Account has been Hacked?
Are your friends getting stuff on their walls from you and you swear it was not you? Is there stuff on your wall you did not put there or want?

Usually this happens when you click on a cute or otherwise interesting picture or video on the wall, usually from on of your friends.

One rule of thumb that I follow is this: I point at items on my wall (with my mouse) and look at the URL before I click on it. If the URL starts with http://apps….., I will not click on it. I have yet to see any of these apps be something that I want to use, see or spend time trying to get out of.

Time to do a little Facebook Profile Maintenance by checking your Apps & Wall Settings. It’s easy to do.

Here is how you do this.

Open Facebook in your web browser
Login to your account
Click on “Account” in the upper right corner of the page
Click on “Privacy Settings
Scroll down to the bottom left of the screen
Click on “Edit your settings” below Apps and Websites

You’ll see a list of Apps, Games and Websites that you are currently using, or are using your profile.

Click on “Edit settings” to the right of the list to show the entire list

With the full list displayed you can click on “Edit Settings” for an item and see the details of how it can access or post to your wall / profile.

If there are any items in the list that you know you do not want, click on the “x” to the far right of the item and answer the confirmation dialogue message either “Remove” of “Cancel“.

Note – if you remove an App from Facebook that you need for another application, you’ll get an error in that app and you should get prompted to make the Facebook connection again.

Remove all of the apps, games and websites you want to get rid of.
Then just click on “Facebook” in the upper left corner of the screen and go back to playing.

This profile management task will help to reduce the garbage that the rogue Apps post on your wall and your friends walls.

I hope this helps folks.