Short Term Gig to help a friend

 April 2012 Post РPositions filled

I got $$ and need 3 workers on July 7th in Kernersville NC for a friends wedding.

We need the following skilled personnel:

2 Catering/Event Assistants for up to 6 hrs – Training will be provided onsite for the right pair

1 bartender for up to 4 hours – no mix drink experience needed. If you can pour a bottle of wine and twist open a bottle of fine beer, you’ll do fine.
We’ll pay cash, food, soda, cake, good fun

Additional Requirements include:

  • Willingness to work with out constant supervision
  • Willingness to have fun
  • Must have a smile and be willing to show it while working
  • Must have the ability to laugh and say hello to strangers

If you know of some young adults or even some old ones who can help with this friends wedding, get in touch with me

Call 336-462-8827 or if you know me well enough – you have my other access info.

Full disclosure – not big $$, she is on a tight budget.

Thanks Friends


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  1. Hi Teddy,

    Saw this on FB, I may be able to help; we did our wedding for less than $5k, including the wedding dress, etc. It was a beautiful ceremony and the funnest of fun receptions (almost 7 years ago, but hey, that was when the economy was in good shape); friends still comment about it. I may be able to help beyond just the requested items, but we should definitely talk. I fit in the older category, but am all the wiser for it; I also have a lot of event planning experience in the business world. I also have experience in the food industry and like helping those in need. Tomorrow I’m tied up until late afternoon, but feel free to call me at 509-4779.

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