My Blogging Milestone

Today I hit a really cool Blogging Milestone.

This blog hit over 10,000 views

And I did it with 202 individual stories across less than 8 years of writing.

My first post was “Customer Service – What is this actually” was written on 11/14/2004

My 200th story was special to me. It was a 2012 Valentines gift to my titled “I Love You

My activity was sporadic in the beginning, but eventually picked up:

5 stories in 2004 – I really did not know what I was going to do when I got started
12 stories in 2005 – Can I use career change as an excuse for not paying attention to my writing? Nope, I shouldn’t
6 stories in 2006 – This was my first year as an IT sales Person – I lost focus of what I love doing
2 stories in 2007 – Yeah, pretty pathetic – I agree – go ahead, yell at me
2 stories in 2008 – What a freakin non-blogging fool
46 stories in 2009 – Getting my groove on again – Finally, I got the itch back
39 stories in 2010 – Why did I slack off? (Hey I did write 15 posts in Traveling with Bum in December 2010
75 stories in 2011 – Back to a Great pace now and this does not include the 100 stories I posted in NCWiseman, the last 15 stories that ended Traveling with Bum and first 11 chapters of Is It Worth it Does It Matter
15 stories so far in 2012 (nearly 2 months in) – Keep this pace and I will hit an all time of 90 stories, again not including NCWiseman and Is It Worth it Does It Matter

It has been fun writing, sharing, researching and posting stories about me as well as sharing other stories that I reposted when I felt the calling to do so.

SO – what do I want to say




THANK YOU ALL who just stopped by

I’m blessed.


2 Replies to “My Blogging Milestone”

  1. Coming to this story almost a year after it’s original posting, I wonder how many views you’re up to now? How has your pace kept up since this was posted?

    You’re very active in social media, I’d be interested to know how you plan your time between the platforms. I’ve found it difficult to balance between facebook, twitter, website and blogging, mainly because my topics lean towards current events and I use facebook and twitter as resources for material. Seems like I’m always “plugged in”!

    And here’s to another 10,000 views!


    1. Managing my Social Media activity is a challenge. I coach professionals on social media and I say, “Addiction is painful & expensive. Appropriate investments in time & resources, when properly measured can create great social media value.” 
~ @NCWiseman I also teach to schedule your social media engagement so that you know how much time you want to invest and you know when to do it. For me, I set aside 6:30AM – 7:30Am for focused engagement. During the day I hit FB, LI, Twitter periodically.

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