How are you doing today?

I asked a friend this morning how she was doing.

She replied, “I am unbelievably fantastic”, with an attitude in her voice that told me she was being honest about how she wants the day to go.

Of course, I jokingly responded with, “Good to see you put drugs in your oatmeal this morning.”

But honestly a part of me wondered, am I rubbing off on others? Or was she just saying what I say every day, before I got the chance to say it.

Either way – I am glad she is doing unbelievably fantastic.

We all need to be, despite the stuff.

2 Replies to “How are you doing today?”

  1. When people ask me that same question, how I’m doing, I try to really think about it and give an honest answer. Even if it’s admitting I’m in a particularly bad mood, I’ve found that expressing that is sometimes the release I need to get over it and make it a better day.

    1. I agree with honesty and transparency. What I really don’t like is when people complain, just to complain. Far too often just saying, “I’m getting by” or “Sucky Monday” sets them up with an internal excuse to continue having a bad day. I prefer to mentally tell my self, thru open words to have a great day.

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