Disappearing Giants

In May 2001 the Village of Clemmons NC passed a sign ordinance amendment that addresses the height of future signs. Current signs would have ten years from the amendment’s passage to come into compliance with the new standards.

So guess what is going on today – May 13, 2011?

Lots of Giant Signs are falling. The Sign companies around are making money today.

Taking down the Beasts and replacing them with ordinance compliant signs.

The Giants are falling in Clemmons NC. Now if we could get rid of the all of the Power Lines – It would begin to look like a Village here again.

Thanks Village Council for setting this in motion back in May 2001.

4 Replies to “Disappearing Giants”

  1. Don’t you just love Verizon’s creativity? They can’t have a giant roadside sign so they install a GINORMOUS wrap around fascia sign. Should the Village plug this “little” loophole?

    1. I appreciate the insight. I will test and resolve any noticeable problems – Point of fact to share back with you – IE is no longer the industry leader – Google Chrome is now top of the stack, followed by Firefox then IE. (http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp) This being fact – I still need to make sure my site works with IE – Thanks

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