Do not pollute the bean

In my most humble opinion, Great Bold Bean should not be polluted with cinnamon, sugar, whipped cream or any other contaminant, I mean condiment.

The flavor of Great Bold Bean should be savored across the palette without the interruption of a sugary donut or creamy bagel.

The best of bean should be enjoyed without the toxins from such foods as Fruit Loops, Cap’n Crunch or even worse, a Pop Tart. These foods may be enjoyable, but they destroy the beauty of Great Bold Bean.

A cup, mug or French Press of Great Bold Bean is a treasure for any morning. Enjoy it alone without any other food product.

Have your cereal, donut, bagel, pop tart of muffin with your milk, orange juice or a glass of water.

Enjoy your Great Bold Bean alone and you’ll find that it is much more enjoyable.

Now, if you disagree with me, that is all well and good. Lots of people ignore what I suggest. Here is a business Insider report of 25 who failed to heed my words of advice and the blunders that resulted.  I hope you do not become one of these statistics.

Rapture or ecstasy

One of my many mantras in life is my reply to the ever so regular salutation, “How are you doing?”

My response is always, (not almost always, but ALWAYS) a subset of the mantra, “I am doing unbelievably fantastic, hovering near ecstasy, and right now it’s not chemically induced.”  Once I am good friends with someone, they get to hear this exact reply directly a few times a year.

This morning, May 22, 2011, the day after what Harold Camping again predicted would be the end of the world, doomsday or rapture, I am pleased to say that I am doing unbelievably fantastic, hovering near ecstasy, and right now it’s not chemically induced.

Sitting on my front porch, listening to the birds singing, a beautiful crystal blue sky overhead and the air crisp and clean.  Reading the Sunday paper, (primarily the sports & comic sections), I wondered about the word rapture.  I kinda know the meaning of it, but thought I did not fully know it’s meaning.  So, I looked up the definition of rapture.

Definitions of rapture (n)

overwhelming happiness: a euphoric transcendent state in which somebody is overwhelmed by happiness or delight and unaware of anything else
mystical transportation: a mystical experience in which somebody believes he or she is transported into the spiritual realm, sometimes applied to the second coming of Jesus Christ, when true believers are expected to rise up to join him in heaven
state of great happiness or enthusiasm: a state of great happiness or enthusiasm about something, or words and gestures that express this
Synonyms: ecstasy, euphoria, bliss, delight, joy, heaven, elation

Wow, I’ve living rapture all my life and didn’t even realize it.  Thanks for pointing this out Harold.  I’m not sure about unaware of anything else or the mystical transportation thing, (more about that later today), but overwhelming happiness, state of great happiness or enthusiasm, yeah, I’m there 24x7x365.

Now, my mantra could be, “I am doing unbelievably fantastic, hovering in rapture, and right now it’s not chemically induced.  Join me please.”


My view tonight

It’s 8:30 pm and I am sitting on my back yard patio enjoying a good book. It has just gotten dark enough that I can no longer continue reading, so I put down the book and stared up at the sky for a few minutes. This is what I saw.

Peacefulness, beauty and tranquility.

The moon is nearly full and almost within reach. The sky is so clear that the moon is as bright as I have ever seen it before. So bright that it seems to light up the butterfly bush below. This is the bush that during the day is still full of beautiful butterflies of all types.

The darkening sky still provides a sort of blue wrapper around the bush as if to high light it for me.

Darting ever so slowly across the sky are airplanes. I can only imagine that there are two types of passengers in these planes. Those who are heading home to their loved ones and those who are headed off to work somewhere far away from their home. Two significantly different mindsets, traveling together to different destinations. Can they see my moon and stars? I hope so. This view is for everyone.

It’s just dark enough at this hour to see a few bright stars hanging around in the sky. The sky is so clear that every few minutes another bright star appears in the sky. Twinkling back at me with light that is sent to them from other stars, likely the sun that has long since disappeared over the western horizon. Not fully understanding our galaxy I simply look at it with amazement and awe. Thank you God for this unbelievably wonderful mystery.

It’s quiet except for the occasional drone of a big rig going down the highway a few miles from where I sit, and the gentle noises from all of the insects that are still around this late in the summer season. The Sunday night road warriors seem to be hurrying along as if they as well want to get home or off to destinations far away. I hope they see the beauty of the sky, moon and stars as well.

This view and the sounds that come with it are peaceful and therapeutic to me. I wish I could sit here every night and enjoy it.

This is what the body needs on Sunday, the day before I have to dedicate my mind to the job, whatever that is or will be. Preparing yourself to do your best must include clearing your mind and having a peaceful period of time now and then.

Have you spent any time clearing your mind or simply staring at the moon and stars lately? Try it. Hopefully you can find peacefulness and tranquility as well.

Enjoy your Sunday night and be as productive and caring as you can be this week.


Quote of the day

“Wisper and it is likely no one will hear you. Twitter and the entire world may hear you. Never Twitter what you would only whisper.” TLB 3/15/2009.

The Edicts-some people do not understand

Sometime in the late 1990’s I came up with a new response to the question, “How are you doing?” I almost always respond with a variation to, “I’m unbelievably fantastic, hovering near ecstasy and right now it is not chemically induced.”

For many years the edict that I had used to guide my life is – “Any time you can, to anybody you can, and those who can’t take it – do it again.” – This was all about having fun and teasing or joking with the world. Joking around with Neil Myers, a buddy of mine from Winston-Salem back in the early 2000’s, we came up with this while traveling around the country working for Agribiotech (ABT). We were masters at following each other’s lead as we harassed people with the most outrageous stories we could come up with. More often than not, the stories were ridiculous, but we did not care. It was fun to mess with people’s heads as the edict required.

One day, standing in a line, likely at an airport, Neil and I repeated the edict to each other. “Any time you can, to anybody you can, and those who can’t take it – do it again.” A little old lady standing in line with us, turned and looking me squarely in the eyes, said, “That is disgusting!” I’m guessing she misunderstood the edict.

Today I have a new Edict. I stole it from a business associate of mine, and I’m sure he made it up himself; however he could have gotten it from the web somewhere.

Any way – I like it and I’m going to use it as a new guiding phrase for me in life.

“Live, Laugh and Love, because Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: WOW… WHAT A RIDE!”

If you like any of my edicts, – use them to guide your life – I share.

Another great posting from Teddy Burriss – I hope you enjoyed it.

The Premier Publishing of the Official Teddy Burriss Mantras

I am doing Unbelievably Fantastic and Hovering near Ecstasy. Right now this attitude is not Chemically Induced; however it can be later on.

I wish you a great day and fabulous success at everything you do.

It is an honor, a privilege and ever so exciting for you to meet me today!

You are welcome for everything you have.

Anyone you can, anytime you can, and for those who can’t handle it – do it again!