Social Media Privacy – NOT

I have no concern for or expectation of Social Media privacy.


Because Social Media sites are intended to be Social and IMHO intended to share publicly consumable content.

Being social includes engaging and sharing with others.

When you engage with others hopefully you would never stand naked in public, spouting foul words and doing nasty, disgusting things. Similarly, when you engage with others in Social Media, you should never post anything that you would not say in public.

Also, you would never stand on a street corner and hand out a list of your business and  private, confidential information. Therefore, don’t post any confidential or private information on any social media site.

Therefore, take the concept and expectation of privacy, security or confidentiality out of every conversation regarding Social Media.

We need to consider Social Media as public content sites and that we are all contributors. Our role is to provide relevant, interesting and useful information for others to consume.

Additionally, yes, I know that there are many security and privacy features built into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, etc. These features provide some level of general security that can prohibit users from hacking our accounts and in some cases seeing our content. However beyond getting my account hacked, I do not want or need to trust the other security features.

I want my content to be accessible by anyone who desires to come looking for it.

Because I treat these systems as public sites and because I want to publicly contribute and collaborate with others. There is no need for anyone to ask for my Facebook password. All of my content is publicly accessible. Every post, picture, comment, tweet, discussion, connection, friend and fan are public content. Pure & simple to me.

Just to be clear, I expect my bank, financial institutions, credit cards, email messages, voice mail messages, private conversations and even thoughts to be private and confidential. If these systems get compromised in any way I will not be happy.

In conclusion I suggest you accept that there is no privacy using Social Media, just as there is no privacy standing on a street corner.

It’s more enjoyable, rewarding, engaging and beneficial if you set yourself free to share openly with no expectations of privacy.

The angst of Daylight Savings Time

Twice a year most of us have to change our clocks.

Does everyone know this little poem

“Spring forward, Fall backwards”?

In 2007 we began Springing Forward on the Second Sunday in March and Falling back on the First Sunday of November.

We are supposed to do this at 2 a.m., yet I am sure very few people stay up that late to change their clocks.

Most of us are happy to move the clocks back in the Fall because we get one of two benefits:

  1. We get an extra hour of sleep that night
  2. We get to stay up an extra hour and then turn the clocks back

It’s a different issue in the Spring. Most of us are not happy to move the clocks forward because:

  1. We have to go to bed an hour earlier
  2. We lose an hour of sleep

The other pain with the clock change, is the actual clock changes.

I am sure I’m not unusual in this regard. I have to change the time on my:

  1. Kitchen Clock
  2. Stove Clock
  3. Automatic Coffee Pot (Yeah, screw this up and the morning sucks)
  4. Living room clock
  5. the clock in my Car
  6. the clock in my wife’s car
  7. the timer on my irrigation system
  8. the timer on our yard lights

Fortunately our computers, Ipads and Iphones do this on their own – thank goodness for small things

So, in case you forgot – change the time on your coffee pot, else the morning will SUCK

My First E-commerce purchase

Ecommerce thru the Internet started somewhere back in 1994, at least as far as I was involved.

I have four daughters and in 1994 one of them was twelve years old. She wanted to purchase an item from JC Penny.  My wife and her went to the local JC Penny and it was not in stock.  For reasons beyond my feeble understanding, she wanted the item that JC Penny had and no other store would do.

When they got back home, empty handed, you could see they were disappointed. “Why don’t you try their website,” I suggested.

Off they went to the only computer we owned, mine. I had hoped to do some work, but as a wise man once said, “Never get in between a woman and her ability to buy stuff.” I learn this years ago.

They searched the JC Penny site for the item my daughter wanted. It was available online. YEAH. However, they had no idea how to buy it. So you know what happened next. Yep – My daughter calls out – “Dad, can you help us please?”

Now, I admit, I had never purchased anything online before. But, being a little bit of a computer and software expert, I scanned the page and found  the Add to Cart Button, so I clicked on it and then noticed another icon change showing that I now had one item in my Shopping cart. That was cool and pretty easy.  I looked around the page hoping for that next set of instructions. There were lots of instructions for searching for more items and even some suggestions for relevant items.  None of these ideas appealed to me.

Then I found in the upper right side of the page the Check out button. So I clicked on it. This brought up another page where I entered in the shipping address and selected the least expensive shipping method, UPS Ground. Pretty cool

Scanning the page for more instructions, the next button I considered was Continue

– So I clicked on it.

This opened up the Credit Card information screen.  This was the page my wife worried about the most. She brought up credit card fraud risk – how could we be sure that our credit card info was going to be safe.  We pondered on this page for a few minutes before we all felt safe to enter my credit card info. When we all felt good, away I went, account number, expiration, name on card and my address. Interestingly there was no place to enter an email address. (Note – I got a letter in the mail about a week later confirming my order.)

The last button I chose to click on was the Confirm Order Button

– Clicking on this brought up a JCPenny page thanking me for my order and assuring me it would be shipped soon. The message also said if there were any problems with the order they would call me.

All in all, my first experience with ordering online went very well.  It took about two weeks for the item to arrive.  That was a happy day for my daughter.

I was thrilled that the process worked.  I proudly told anyone who asked me, that online purchases worked. Later on I learned more about purchase history and marketing based on your purchases.  This worried me a little, but, heck, it’s not like I ordered anything that I am embarrassed about.

My daughter loved it.  And, JCPenny never marketed training bras to me. They missed out on that one.  I had three other daughters.

It stings to lose a great candidate

My $100 per Hour contractor did not show up

Back in 2007 I worked for an IT consulting and staffing company.  I did staffing work with some high profile companies.

One of my clients asked me to find a candidate for a very high profile IT position within their organization. If I found the right person and filled this position, I would be able to bill over $150 per hour, for a 6 month contract.  Good money. The candidate was going to be able to make as much as $100 per hour.  Equally good money for the right contractor.

I put a lot of work into this staffing project and found the right guy.

I got the candidate approved by the client.  I sent them the contract and they sent it back signed.

I worked with the candidate and got a signed agreement from him as well.

Everything was in place, except the last 2 steps.

I sent the candidate an email scheduling the background check and drug test.  No response.

I called his cell phone and left a voice mail message.  No call back.

I repeatedly called him the next day.  Again, voice mail and no call back.

I emailed him numerous times during the next few days – no reply at all.

One of my business contacts threw up the, “he must not be able to pass the drug test” statement.

I responded, “no, I think something else happened, just not sure what.”

I heard nothing for over a week. During this time the client checked with me to see if everything was in order.  I had to break the news to him that the candidate disappeared.  I offered to find another candidate but he said, “I already have a #2 candidate lined up. No need.”

I lost the contract.

The earlier mentioned business contact said, “I told you, he couldn’t pass the drug test or background check. Too bad.”

Again, I held true to my original thought, “no something else must have happened.”

About 3 weeks later I got a late night email from the candidate.  It said something like, “Hello Teddy. I am sorry I had a family emergency and had to leave town.  I’ll explain when I get back in town.”

Another few weeks went by. My phone rang one afternoon. I answered it and discover it was my lost candidate.  He started the conversation with an honest apology before he explained what happened.  He got a middle of the night phone call that his Dad passed away. He flew out that next morning to spend the next month with his family.  Dealing with the loss of his Dad, handling the family estate arrangements, preparing the family home for sale and helping his younger family members to deal with the pain. While dealing with his family emergency he purposely dropped all work related activity.

He asked me what happened to the position and I told him I lost it to another staffing company.  He apologized again and asked me if it would help if he apologized to my client.  I told him that was not necessary. I had already told them that he had to leave town for a family emergency.

We shook hands and parted hoping that we would be able to work again one day.

Fast forward 1 year.

I got a call from the candidate.  He now had a high profile job with a local high profile company. He invited me in to meet.

When we got together he told me that he was appreciative that I had not spoken ill of him even though he caused me some problems.  He wanted to make it up to me some how.  In his new position he was responsible for hiring IT contractors and wanted to give me the first opportunity to fill the positions he had open.

Now I was the one being thankful.

The point of this story is quite simple.

I had no idea why my candidate disappeared.  For this reason I did not publicly speculate that the candidate had an employment problem.  I decided to stay professional and not “burn” my candidate.  I have always believed hat this is how you should treat people.

Treat people with respect and don’t assume the worst.  You never know what may happen in the future.

My First Converge South Event

I spent yesterday (10/6/2011) and today at Converge South.

ConvergeSouth is the annual Web/Social Media/Mobile App conference held in Greensboro, NC. This year it was held at North Carolina A&T University. The conference is organized completely by volunteers and this year is it’s 7th year. Originally based on the “blogger-con” concept, ConvergeSouth has grown as technology has developed and has tried to meet new needs of it’s community via Social Networking, Social Media, App Development and more without ignoring new users’ needs – that’s why there will always be a “101″ or Beginners Track at ConvergeSouth.

This year’s agenda was packed full with lots of good information. Here is the Agenda.

I got to hear presentations from lots of well informed and experienced people including:

Mark Schaefer, Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions and world renown blogger @ {grow}.

Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Bing, SEO guru and author.

Tom Webster, Vice President, Strategy, for Edison Research, most widely-known as the sole provider of U.S. Election exit polling data to all major media outlets.

I enjoyed and learned from the presentations delivered by numerous local specialists including:

Hey – It’s a Social Media event – Here are the good people’s twitter handles.


and many others whose name’s & twitter handles escape me

Beyond the great conversations by the presenters, I also benefited from the informal and enjoyable conversations with dozens of participants in the hallways, restaurants and even bars.

I am now following a new group of tweeps who I hope to continue learning from and I added a bunch of new followers to my own twitter stream.

The cost to me for this event was a whopping $75 plus travel (only 60 miles from my home in Davie County). The education I received and the people I got to know during this day and a half event is well worth this small cost.

The entire event was put together by a volunteer committee, the logistics, scheduling and materials put together by volunteers. Thank you very much to everyone who helped make this event both enjoyable and a success for myself and my fellow attendees.

I look forward to attending next years event.

Always cool to my first touches

At first, it is always cool to my touch. I know this each time I walk up to it.

Regardless of where I touch it, it will always be cool to my first touches. I used to wonder if it is cool to another’s touch. I believe that it could be, but I know that no one else touches it as I do. This is forbidden.

It’s frame is cold to touch, yet a little caressing can warm it in the areas that it lets me lay my hands on. It’s sides are the coldest at first. I slide my hands up and down it’s sides and with each stroke it begins to warm.

The back feels as if it is frozen, and each morning I know to expect extreme coldness. I spread my hand wide and gently rub it’s back with soft, smooth strokes in a circular motion. I know this is appreciated because in just a few motions I can feel the warmth surfacing on it’s back. I am pleased to know my touch has this affect.

I lay my finger tips on it’s body and the coolness is abrupt. Yet with each touch of my finger tips it warms slowly. I have learned that the faster I move my fingers over it’s body and more areas I touch, the warmer it gets in the least amount of time. As my rapidly moving finger tips caress, it begins to respond quickly and eloquently. This makes me happy.

When I lay the back of my fingers gently across it’s face, I can recoil from the chilliness. Fortunately, like the rest of it’s body, the more I touch it’s face with soft gentle strokes, the chilliness diminishes and the warmth envelopes it’s face. The glow is welcoming.

In time the entire body is warm and the relationship is good.

By this time, no longer am I focused on it’s temperature. I am only interested in completing my task at hand. Finish a blog post, the Facebook post, LinkedIn update or review of my calendar.

Once the chilliness diminishes completely, I am usually done and ready to put the MacBook Pro down and go back to my hot bold Venti Bean. I will return to the laptop soon knowing that if I left it running, it will still be warm and inviting for the next task to be completed.

Author’s note. – I did not refer to the Macbook Pro as she, only because there is a story to be shared later about my first motorcycle that I referred to as she and the harassment I received from my family was severe.

Blocking SPAM Text Messages on an Iphone

Today (03/22/11) I got another unsolicited text message to my Verizon IPhone.

The message was from phone number “(786) 353-4199” and included the following text: +14242647221 – Need a quick and easy payday loan up to $1500? Visit for INSTANT approval, get money in minutes!(2optout rply stop)

Note – I changed the URL so that you don’t end up supporting them with even a single click thru.

I called the 786 phone number and then the 424 phone number. They both rang directly into the same voice mail greeting (unanswered) and the mail box was “full”.

This was exactly as I expected. They did not want to talk to anyone or solicit via the telephone. They want me to click on the URL which I refuse to do.

I did not reply back with “Stop” as instructed if I want to optout, because I am not sure of the result that will create. Will they honestly opt me out, or will this just validate my phone number for future text messages from other hidden and secretive organizations who want to Spam my cell phone with waste of time text messages.

I decided to try to find a way to block them without contacting them.

Verizon Wireless has a way to do this for any phone except the IPhone.

What’s up with this – The IPhone is the only real smart phone that Verizon has, in my humble opinion.

Non IPhone users can go to MyServices once you login to your account on the Verizon Wireless website and block unwanted calls & text messages from specific phone numbers.

Again – Except for the IPhone.

I talked with a very nice lady named Tammy in Technical support. She was very aware of what I was asking, but had no solution to the problem.

Here are the two options she offered for blocking unwanted Text Messages:

1 – Reply back to the text with STOP and hope they adhere to the rules of OptOut. I did this just to see what would happen.

2 – Disable Text Messaging on my phone. And we all know I am not going to do this – I need my text messaging. While I wrote this blog I got 3 text messages that I am glad to receive.

Anyway – Let’s see if the reply of STOP will work. Hopefully it will.

Otherwise I may have to revert back to faxes and the US Postal Service.


Update – as of 3/1/2012 I have not had any new SPAM text messages to my Iphone on Verizon.  All looks good now.

How to Remove Rogue Apps from your Facebook Profile

Do you think your Facebook Account has been Hacked?
Are your friends getting stuff on their walls from you and you swear it was not you? Is there stuff on your wall you did not put there or want?

Usually this happens when you click on a cute or otherwise interesting picture or video on the wall, usually from on of your friends.

One rule of thumb that I follow is this: I point at items on my wall (with my mouse) and look at the URL before I click on it. If the URL starts with http://apps….., I will not click on it. I have yet to see any of these apps be something that I want to use, see or spend time trying to get out of.

Time to do a little Facebook Profile Maintenance by checking your Apps & Wall Settings. It’s easy to do.

Here is how you do this.

Open Facebook in your web browser
Login to your account
Click on “Account” in the upper right corner of the page
Click on “Privacy Settings
Scroll down to the bottom left of the screen
Click on “Edit your settings” below Apps and Websites

You’ll see a list of Apps, Games and Websites that you are currently using, or are using your profile.

Click on “Edit settings” to the right of the list to show the entire list

With the full list displayed you can click on “Edit Settings” for an item and see the details of how it can access or post to your wall / profile.

If there are any items in the list that you know you do not want, click on the “x” to the far right of the item and answer the confirmation dialogue message either “Remove” of “Cancel“.

Note – if you remove an App from Facebook that you need for another application, you’ll get an error in that app and you should get prompted to make the Facebook connection again.

Remove all of the apps, games and websites you want to get rid of.
Then just click on “Facebook” in the upper left corner of the screen and go back to playing.

This profile management task will help to reduce the garbage that the rogue Apps post on your wall and your friends walls.

I hope this helps folks.


Communicating Course #202 – Part 2 of 3

As discussed in Part 1 of 3 –, a lot had to come together for us to be where we are today with the wide variety of communication systems.

In the mid 1980’s when I first joined the business world, there were 4 primary ways to get in touch with a business associate:

– Call them on the phone. We have (or had) home phones and office phones. I have a home in NC that actually has a phone jack in the bath room, right next to the “throne”. Phone calls generally resulted in a direct conversation or a pink piece of paper with your name, phone number and a few words of the message hand written by a receptionist. I did not have a receptionist in my bathroom.

– Paper letter, stuffed in an envelope, licked shut, with a licked stamp and dropped in a big blue mail box to be delivered to the other person in a few days or weeks. The slowest way to get someone a message and eventually we started calling this “Snail Mail”

– Faxed letter. This used to be for urgent or immediate messaging, became a great way to share good jokes. (I deny faxing a fellow office worker a joke.) How many of us have dropped fax phone numbers from our business cards now?

– IRL (in real life) Walk down the hall or drive to their office and meet face-face. Sucked when you forgot to bring the newest fax joke, but this has always been a good way to get a message to someone because it allows for instant reply and discussion, when needed.

We had teletype machines as well, but these were on the way out by the mid 1980’s.

Over the years we added lots of new communicating & message paths:
Instant Messaging
Cell Phones with Voice Mail, Text & Picture Messaging
Email thru computers, cell phones and tablet Devices
E-cards from the old paper greeting card companies
FedEx letters
Singing Telegrams
And, the newest messaging systems provided by LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter, as well as other Social Media platforms, less used in business.

The Social Media channels are creating so many different paths for communicating, it can be overwhelming. LinkedIn (LI) statuses, discussions, comments, direct messages. Add Facebook status updates, comments, direct messages, online chat and Events. Then throw in Twitter streams, RTs, replies and direct messages. Lots of options create lots of choices and benefits as well as potential problems.

Please, don’t misconstrue this expanding list of communication options as a replacement for IRL! In Real Life communicating is still the best option when an exchange is required.

In my next blog I’ll bring some ideas about how to use the new communications systems we have.