Social Media Privacy – NOT

I have no concern for or expectation of Social Media privacy.


Because Social Media sites are intended to be Social and IMHO intended to share publicly consumable content.

Being social includes engaging and sharing with others.

When you engage with others hopefully you would never stand naked in public, spouting foul words and doing nasty, disgusting things. Similarly, when you engage with others in Social Media, you should never post anything that you would not say in public.

Also, you would never stand on a street corner and hand out a list of your business and  private, confidential information. Therefore, don’t post any confidential or private information on any social media site.

Therefore, take the concept and expectation of privacy, security or confidentiality out of every conversation regarding Social Media.

We need to consider Social Media as public content sites and that we are all contributors. Our role is to provide relevant, interesting and useful information for others to consume.

Additionally, yes, I know that there are many security and privacy features built into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, etc. These features provide some level of general security that can prohibit users from hacking our accounts and in some cases seeing our content. However beyond getting my account hacked, I do not want or need to trust the other security features.

I want my content to be accessible by anyone who desires to come looking for it.

Because I treat these systems as public sites and because I want to publicly contribute and collaborate with others. There is no need for anyone to ask for my Facebook password. All of my content is publicly accessible. Every post, picture, comment, tweet, discussion, connection, friend and fan are public content. Pure & simple to me.

Just to be clear, I expect my bank, financial institutions, credit cards, email messages, voice mail messages, private conversations and even thoughts to be private and confidential. If these systems get compromised in any way I will not be happy.

In conclusion I suggest you accept that there is no privacy using Social Media, just as there is no privacy standing on a street corner.

It’s more enjoyable, rewarding, engaging and beneficial if you set yourself free to share openly with no expectations of privacy.

What kind of a Freak are you?

I heard a friend talk about being a Temporary Freak today. He was referencing his activity on LinkedIn.

This got me to thinking – What kind of a Freak am I?

First of all, a Freak is not a bad thing.  My definition of Freak is “A very unusual and unexpected individual.”

In most of what I do, I am a Freak.

I live life in an unusual manner.

My business is as unusual as you can imagine.

I participate in Social Media quite unusual or differently than most

My Network style (Networking for Mutual Benefit) is very unexpectedly to others.

I share who I am as a person with just about anyone willing to take a peek at me and what I do, and for most, this is very unexpected.

And for me, I am not a Temporary Freak.

We joked that in regards to being a Freak you could be:

Contracted, Temporary, Part Time, Retired, Semi, Complete. Partial, Accidental, SubConscious, Comatose and/or Full Time.

In regards to Participating in Life and Social Media, I feel that I am a Full Time nearly Complete Freak.

I try hard to be consistent and honest in these areas, despite the fact that many feel I am unusual and unexpected.

What kind of a Freak are you in Life?

My First Converge South Event

I spent yesterday (10/6/2011) and today at Converge South.

ConvergeSouth is the annual Web/Social Media/Mobile App conference held in Greensboro, NC. This year it was held at North Carolina A&T University. The conference is organized completely by volunteers and this year is it’s 7th year. Originally based on the “blogger-con” concept, ConvergeSouth has grown as technology has developed and has tried to meet new needs of it’s community via Social Networking, Social Media, App Development and more without ignoring new users’ needs – that’s why there will always be a “101″ or Beginners Track at ConvergeSouth.

This year’s agenda was packed full with lots of good information. Here is the Agenda.

I got to hear presentations from lots of well informed and experienced people including:

Mark Schaefer, Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions and world renown blogger @ {grow}.

Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Bing, SEO guru and author.

Tom Webster, Vice President, Strategy, for Edison Research, most widely-known as the sole provider of U.S. Election exit polling data to all major media outlets.

I enjoyed and learned from the presentations delivered by numerous local specialists including:

Hey – It’s a Social Media event – Here are the good people’s twitter handles.


and many others whose name’s & twitter handles escape me

Beyond the great conversations by the presenters, I also benefited from the informal and enjoyable conversations with dozens of participants in the hallways, restaurants and even bars.

I am now following a new group of tweeps who I hope to continue learning from and I added a bunch of new followers to my own twitter stream.

The cost to me for this event was a whopping $75 plus travel (only 60 miles from my home in Davie County). The education I received and the people I got to know during this day and a half event is well worth this small cost.

The entire event was put together by a volunteer committee, the logistics, scheduling and materials put together by volunteers. Thank you very much to everyone who helped make this event both enjoyable and a success for myself and my fellow attendees.

I look forward to attending next years event.